John Hegedes, Hollywood Audio Engineer

John Hegedes, Hollywood Audio Engineer


A native Albertan to the bone, John Hegedes was born in Banff and grew up in Canmore and Lethbridge. John knew early on that sound would be a big part of his life. As a kid watching his first movie, Little Big Man, starring Dustin Hoffman back in 1970, it left a huge impression and he knew then that the entertainment industry was his destiny. Studying music and playing in a band, his love affair with sound & electronics continued. Audio engineering was a natural path, but he realized that in order to pursue his dreams he would need to make a huge decision.

To pursue professional training for the entertainment industry, John had no choice but to go south of the border in 1981. Studying in Ohio, San Francisco & Los Angeles, John spent the next several years studying and honing his craft. In the mid-1980’s opportunity knocked and his world would change forever working with such artist as Sting, Madonna, Keith Richards, Natalie Cole, Fleetwood Mac, Chuck Berry to name a few. His work with Sting on the album Nothing Like The Sun earned him platinum and gold records.

Later, he branched out to movie soundtracks and worked on Beverly Hills Cop II, Lethal Weapon, Caddyshack II, and others. Always pursuing to expand his chops, in 1992 opportunity knocks again by being given a chance to work on the Warner Bros project, Batman The Animated series. He loved working on animation sound.
Twenty-five years later and he’s still working on countless WB animation projects. In this field, John has garnered an impressive collection of golden statues: three daytime Emmys and five Golden Reels for outstanding achievement in every sound category. He has been nominated for over 25 Emmy & Golden Reel awards to date.

After a storied career, this native Albertan has decided it is time to go back home. Still working in Hollywood remotely in Edmonton, John hopes to connect with and share his expertise with the new generation of talents in Alberta and hopefully help create a thriving entertainment industry in the province.

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